Southern Arts Movement’s Silent No Longer Graham Edition

Graham, NC

August 1st Downtown Graham will turn into an art exhibit with black southern stories being told through art. This is part of the Southern Arts Movement’s (SAM) first edition of their Silent No Longer series.

Silent No Longer is a series of pop-up exhibits shown in business storefronts and spaces, turning community streets into exhibit spaces. “Inspired by the power of art to ignite change, with the mission to amplify black artists stories. It’s important for us, through the Southern Arts Movement, to create a platform and voice for people that have historically been told to be quiet.” explains SAM’s founder Jeniffer Baskett. 

This unique exhibit will showcase a variety of artists and art forms, all submitted through an open call for art from SAM. Many businesses in Graham quickly joined SAM to showcase artwork. One business commented, “This is a space for healing, listening, empowering, supporting, nurturing, growing, overcoming, and teaching.” SAM co-founder, Sarah Barham echoes this idea, “Art has always provided us new and exciting ways to envision our world. Art is most impactful when it has multiple layers and meanings, but will move you and stimulate feelings emotionally, or perhaps, change one's perspective. This is what we are trying to do with Southern Arts Movement. A way to collide two worlds and open the eyes of everyday people. Bringing Black artists to the streets, our goal is to show art that will emotionally resonate within one's self that could quite possibly lead to a shift in perspective.” The public are invited to come take a stroll down Main St. Graham, experience this small southern town while taking in amazing art and listen to a community that has historically been silenced. This is a time for everyone to listen. A time to tell stories. A time to have conversations that expand our visions of community. A time to build better relationships. "Graham is our home and it was important that we start here but we know of many other communities that can benefit from this focus on Black Art and Black Stories. “ Renee’ Russell, SAM co-founder, notes. “We've already had interest from other cities and we look forward to expanding Silent No Longer and telling even more stories that are incredibly important to tell." Upcoming editions will be posted on SAM’s website and social media accounts. If you are interested in having a Silent No Longer exhibit in your area, email SAM at This unique exhibit will hopefully start meaningful conversations about community and experiences and introduce people to some incredibly talented artists. Come by and enjoy this Covid-19 friendly art experience. Pieces will be up for most of the month of August and will end with a socially distanced block party on Saturday, August 29th.

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