Sabrina Carpenter 1/27/17

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Thanks to Kathy Miller from One Shot Photography!  

See even MORE photos from Sabrina's performance HERE

Kelly and @Sabrinacarpenter chatting before the show Hanes Mall!

Posted by 100.3 Kiss FM on Friday, January 27, 2017

I was this close to the gorgeous, insanely talented Sabrina Carpenter today. I may have cried a little while she sang "Thumbs" because I feel like it is the message that I try to teach my students every single day- especially in these troubling times: "Don't believe everything that you hear Let it go through your left and right ear Don't just march to the beat of that drum Don't be one of them people just twiddlin' them thumbs" #sabrinacarpenter #inspiration #teacherthings #thumbs

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Took a little spontaneous road trip today to take KT to see @SabrinaCarpenter today #SabrinaCarpenter #GirlMeetsWorld

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