Missy Elliott Dropped Her "DripDemeanor" Music Video & It's Art

Song after song and music video after music video, Missy Elliott proves every single time that she is an absolute ICON. This time, she does it again with her mesmerizing visual for "DripDemeanor" featuring Sum1.

Directed by Derek Blanks and Missy herself, the "DripDemeanor" music video, features a number of scenes with Missy and Sum1 singing/rapping the song, in addition to a handful of dancers. And as always, Missy's music video is FULL of incredible, unique *LEWKS*, and it's actually art worthy of hanging on a museum wall (hence the ending). The hip hop legend also rocks a number of intricate hairstyles, so let's dive in, shall we?

First, there was this blue ponytail:

And this glow-in-the-dark neon 'do:

But Missy really pulled out all the stops with this hair orbit of chocolates:

And this HOUSE on her head!

A legend, a masterpiece, a QUEEN:

On Twitter, Missy opened up about her many detailed hair styles in the music video. She revealed that none of them are photoshopped and that they were 100% a real style that was attached to her head. She said, "By the way everyone this is really on my head! And the apartment building scene is really on my head NO PHOTOSHOP it was heavy I had a migraine during these shots."

At the end of the video, Teyana Taylor appears as a museum curator who is educating a young girl about Missy. She explains, "So you see here, Missy is timeless, a queen of queen, the greatest. How can one person be so lit?" She continues on when asked if Missy was always a queen, "Oh no, dear. It wasn't always like that easy. See, Missy came up in a very strict home, she wasn't really allowed to hang out with the other kids after a certain time. However, it didn't stop her from dreaming of the life she was destined to fulfill." The visual then ends with "To Be Continued."

Watch Missy Elliott's "DripDemeanor" music video above.

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