Pink Gets Real About Patriotism: 'That's Not America. That's Your America'

Pink has shared some thoughts about what it means to be a patriot amid the ongoing racial injustice for Black America.

On Wednesday (June 3), the pop star, 40, took to Twitter to speak her mind on the matters at hand and why she believes that re-electing President Trump is the most un-patriotic thing that can be done.

"How can anyone call themself a patriot or an American if you re-elect a president that doesn't govern, respect or represent half of our country?" she asked viewers. "That's not America. That's your America. That's not America. So you either worship the Confederate flag, which is not our flag and it never will be, or you're a hypocrite that doesn't actually understand the meaning of patriotism or what it means to be an American."

As for the endless trolls that decided to hit back at her viewpoints by dissing her looks, well, the singer had something to say about that. "Do you see how anytime an ignorant person has nothing truthful or intelligent to add, they tell you you’re ugly?" she wrote to one user, "Do you see how ineffectual and dumb these people are?!?! It’s almost laughable."

Yet, it wasn’t all negative as another user agreed with the star and shared her hope for reform. "Thank you. We appreciate the worldwide support for equality and for humanity. Love you back," Pink replied.

Photo: Getty Images

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