Break-up Photoshoots: A New Way To Heal?

I've heard of getting together with friends, getting your revenge body on & poppin' and even the old tale "get under someone to get over someone" but never have I ever thought of documenting what some of us would call the most painful moments of our lives.

Heazel found it fit to say..."I do, I did and I'M DONE." Ok, work.

A new spin on healing the heart with photos showing off what you've got because we all know that there are plenty of fish in the sea, photographer Sabrina Wehling broke it down to me like this, “As a photographer I’m always looking for new and creative ideas. This idea is very untraditional but so empowering. Divorces can be dark and depressing but they don’t have to be. This is a way of expressing how you’ve moved on and how one chapter in your life has closed. Some may find it “petty” but at the end of the day this shoot wasn’t created to please the world it was for my client. She's Beautiful, fierce, but most of all brave! I loved capturing every moment of it!”


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