College Grads Would do WHAT to Erase Debt?

School loans are one of my biggest inescapable financial burdens and many other University graduates agree. 89% of people surveyed said they'd spend a week in jail to erase their debts - other things they would do include, taking no time off from work for a year and shaving their heads. Yeah, I would totally do either option, where do I sign up? School loans influence the way I eat, vacation, shop and live! Any relief is a good thing. Would you do a week in jail to eliminate your loans?

Joey C

Joey C

Howdy, It's me! Joey C. from El Paso, Tx! I wrote a book in kindergarten called "Someday" about the things I would do in my future and the first page says "Someday I'll be on the radio" basically, radio chose me. Read more


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