Sexy New Women's Swimsuit Sure To Turn Heads


Most women want to wear a bathing suit so memorable it turns heads at the beach, and one being offered by Beloved Shirts will do just that... only not for the reasons you'd think. 


The Sexy Chest Swimsuit is available in different skin tones, all of them showing off some solid body hair. 

As of now, you can only get them in a women's style, but that isn't stopping some guys from wearing them.


With the summer just getting started, there are plenty of beach days ahead to show off this amazing suit!

Keith Allen

Keith Allen

I am born and raised in Michigan but love the Triad. I was sold as soon as I heard no snow, well very little snow I should say! I enjoy all kinds of music, sports, and playing with my two children Madison and our dog Beau!! Thank you to everyone... Read more


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