Best movies to watch on Halloween


The streaming service FandangoNow polled 1,000 people to determine the most popular movies to watch on Halloween.  Not surprisingly, a lot of them aren't actually scary because, you know, kids.  Here's the Top 10:

1.  "Hocus Pocus"  (1983)


2.  "The Nightmare Before Christmas"  (1993)


3.  "Beetlejuice"  (1988)


4.  "It"  (2017)


5.  "Halloween"  (1978)


6.  "The Shining"  (1980)


7.  "A Quiet Place"  (2018)


8.  "Edward Scissorhands"  (1990)


9.  "Psycho"  (1960)


10.  "Practical Magic"  (1998)





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