Zac Efron & This Babe May Actually Be A Good Match


Zac Efron started following Selena Gomez on Instagram and the internet nearly flipped. Zac is a Libra. Here's what I think his tactic might be and why this could be a major YES between Zac and Selena!

Libra's are notorious flirts, so I think he has the potential to flirt and sweep her off her feet! Libras are hard to pin down, but once they do commit they are extremely loyal. If anyone can pin him down it's Selena, I mean come on she's PERFECTION.

Libras crave balance, harmony and peace - these 3 words totally fit Selena Gomez' style. Libra's are sensitive souls and great listeners.

Who has a more sensitive soul than Selena Gomez? So, like...GUYS...Miss Tati is co-signing on this coupledom. Also for reference Zac is 31, Selena 26. Do you ship them?


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